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Announcing the availability of Symbolics Release 7 to MIT

Symbolics Genera Release 7.0 is now available for general use throughout
MIT. We have the standard system, IP-TCP, FORTRAN, PASCAL, & PROLOG. We have
not yet received the color software or MACSYMA yet, but will in the very near

If your machine is not in the AI or LCS sites, then you should install your
Release 7.0 world load as described in your copy of the documentation that
came with your copy of the tapes. If you have not received a copy of tapes,
talk to your sales representative. Ignore the rest of this message.

If the lisp machine you use is in the AI or LCS site, the appropriate
site-customized version of Genera 7.0 may be transferred to your machine by
typing the ":Install Distribution World Rel-7" command to the command

You are stongly suggested to start converting your code from Release 6.1 to
Release 7.0 as soon as possible. Release 6.1 worlds will remain the default
world load for at least the rest of the term, but some time in January the
default world load for Symbolics Lisp machines will change over to Release
7.0. After January, Release 6.1 world loads will still be available for use,
but will no longer be the default. Do not expect Release 6.1 world loads to
be supported by the end of next term.

Most machines in the AI site have copies of the Genera 7.0 documentation near
the console to the machine. If there is no documentation set (it still might
be in that unopened gray box that you stumbled over as you walked into your
office this morning) then please be patient. We haven't received all sets of
documentation yet. More sets are coming.