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More Documentation on Dynamic Windows

    Date: Sat, 25 Jul 87 04:26 EDT
    From: John C. Mallery <JCMA@AI.AI.MIT.EDU>

    For those of you trying to use the dynamic window facilities in release 7, you
    may find the file SYS:DYNAMIC-WINDOWS;MORE-DOC.TEXT contains useful
    documentation and examples.

I'm not sure by what path this pre-release documentation escaped, but as
long as you have it you might as well look at the second referenced file
instead.  I prepared this version for the Users' Group meeting two weeks
ago in Seattle, where it was distributed as a handout for one of the
talks.  It has been cleaned up somewhat from the original, and the
examples have been rewritten where necessary to work in release 7.1.

I would also like to make it clear that this file is not even draft
documentation.  It is merely developer-authored source material that our
writers are using to prepare real documentation.