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While browsing the info-allegro-archive file found at media-lab.media.mit.edu
I came across a reference to a Lisp-to-HyperCard interface. Henry Lieberman
	The Lisp-to-Hypercard thing that Jay gave me does not work in 1.3.
	In 1.2.2, I could get it to transfer back and forth from Hypercard to
	Lisp, and vv, but not pass any data.  The resource editor shows that
	Hypercard did put the string in the IPC.IPC file, but _OpenResFile
	returns -1.
Following that, Jintae Lee writes:
	Also, what is Lisp-To-Hypercard that Henry mentions?  Is it available
	in public domain or commercially?  Can you establish connection to
	Oracle database this way?  And TCP Connection?
If anyone has any information on the availability of an interface between
MACL and HyperCard, please let me know.


Dan			dpliske@gmuvax2.gmu.edu