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choose-file-dialog question

I would like to set the default directory for choose-file-dialog.
More specifically, I would like to set it for the dialog that
comes up when one menu selects FILE OPEN to get a new file for FRED.
Unfortunately choose-file-dialog doesn't seem to use
*default-choose-file-directory*.  It just seems to set it.

  1. Has anyone figured out how to do this?

If not, here are 2 possibilities that I though of:

  2. I am guessing that choose-file-dialog uses the directory that one
     can access from the trap GetVol.  I don't know much
     about calling traps and a friend said that this one would
     be hairy.  Has anyone coded GetVol and SetVol in Lisp?
  3. Another possibility is to change/replace the code attached to FILE EDIT
     menu choice.  Anyone know what that code does?

-thanks, david