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Fred extensions

There has been some suggestions concerning extensions to Fred : apparently,
it is going its way to follow its big brother (zmacs)...  I don't know if you
guys had expected this *side-effect* of red... (resembling emacs deliberately).

Of course, all the extensions suggested are interesting, but if you look around
 the servers, you'll find some nice code provided by lazy people (those that
spend hours implementing something to gain a few minutes here and there - I am
one of them :-o).

What you guys programming the core could help us with is to design a stronger
help system for fred commands along with the interface that lazy people would
conform to (see the help system on zmacs, I'm addicted).  In the same vein, it
would be nice to have access to an extended command mode (m-x) and the basics
for handling modes.

With these bases, the lazy ones (aka hackers) could develop Fred (For Resemblin
g Emacs Definitely).

(also, it would be nice to have fred work with the international keyboards
without having to redefine the keyboard oneself - think of cmd-. etc.)

Thanx for your help