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Help!!! I'm "trap"ped...

   From: Josh Lubell <lubell@cs.UMD.EDU>

   How do I let the MACL top level event loop know about windows that I
   create using traps? Do I need to create ObjectLisp Objects? 

   Here is what I'm doing:

   (lisp:in-package 'ccl)

   (%stack-block ((boundsrect 8) (title 255))
      (%put-word boundsrect 100 0) (%put-rect boundsrect 100 2)
      (%put-rect boundsrect 300 4) (%put-rect boundsrect 400 6)
      (%put-string title "My Window" 0)
      (setf my-window (_newcwindow :ptr 0 :ptr boundsrect :ptr title 
		   :word -1 :word 8 :ptr -1 :word -1 :long -1 :ptr)))

   This creates a window but I can't move it with the mouse or select it
   from the MACL window menu.

You should create a new Object Lisp window with ONEOF, as pass the
the window record (which you got back from the trap call) as the
:WPTR argument.