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Standalone application problems

When I try to create a standalone application, the resulting
application behaves strangely when I run it.  In my application,
I have a menu item whose MENU-ITEM-ACTION is as follows:

  '(progn (foo)
          (ask *my-modeless-dialog* (window-show))

When I attempt to execute this menu item, FOO is executed correctly,
but then I get the error

>ERROR: NIL cannot be FUNCALLed or APPLYed

In the break loop immediately following, *my-modeless-dialog* has
its expected value (a dialog object).  What am I missing?

Also, other modal dialogs don't work correctly. Dialogs invoked with
the MODAL-DIALOG call often won't respond to clicking on
buttons in the dialog (i.e. the DIALOG-ITEM-ACTIONS for these buttons
are not run).  Clicking outside the dialog, however, does produce a
beep, as usual.

I create all dialogs at application startup time, so I don't think
old pointers into the heap are causing the problems.  I've also tried
increasing the size of the system heap and running under both Finder
and MultiFinder with no success.  My machine is a IIcx with 8MBytes.

The application contains PCL (with run-time compilation disabled since
the compiler does not exist in the standalone), QuickDraw, and the
LOOP macro all loaded along with my compiled application code.

Any (non-null) pointers, advice or help would be greatly appreciated!

Rodney Daughtrey           E-mail: rodney@huntsai.boeing.com
Huntsville AI Center               {major site}!uw-beaver!bcsaic!huntsai!rodney
Boeing Computer Services   Voice:  (205)-461-2352  Fax: (205)-461-2933