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Need persistent object store/o.o.d.b.

For my masters project I need a persistent object store because the
project is object oriented (surprise) and I want to save the objects
across sessions. In an earlier request I received pointers to Object
LISP and CLOS function for saving objects to (and loading them from)
files.  However, it would be much better to have a persistent object
store (or object oriented database). I need one which has these
features (I'm new to the persistent object world so please forgive my
needing to make them explicit):

- load objects on call (no waiting for an entire file to load and
  better use of memory: not all objects must be loaded and some can be
  unloaded if memory gets tight). Ditto for saving.

- distributed store (don't have to know the details of where objects
  are stored and you get transparent network access).

- concurrent object access + security (can protect objects based on user)

- fast saving, loading, and memory access

 From my (LISP) perspective I see potential systems as LISP based and
others, where accessing the non LISP based ones would be via foreign
function calls.


Would anyone who knows of such a system (commercial or academic)
please respond to me? I will summarize any potential solutions I am
lead to. Thank you in advance.


Note: One option I have is adapting a system a group at this school
developed (called Mneme) but it is implemented in C on Unix.  So I
guess I'd run MACL on AUX and do foreign function calls to the object
server. Is this possible?

Matthew Cornell
Knowledge Communication Systems Group
Department of Computer and Information Science
University of Massachusetts/Amherst, MA 01002
(413) 256-6664[home] (413) 545-0582, -3584[office]