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Re: MCL 2.0b1p3 sort problems

  This looks like correct behavior:

  If the structure of foo looks like


             1       2       3
             |       |       |
  foo ->    [^][>]--[^][>]--[^][nil]

  After the destructive sort, we get:

             3       2       1
             |       |       |
            [^][>]--[^][>]--[^][nil]   <- foo

  foo still points at the same place (the car of
  the cons cell holding 1), but that list now
  dead-ends almost immediately.  So it returns 
  the correct answer, and foo gets destroyed.

  If you wanted to avoid the destruction, maybe
  doing a copy-list to another variable and sorting
  that instead would be good.  You could also
  do something like (setf foo (sort foo #'>)).

  ... Rick