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MCL Birds-Of-A-Feather session at AAAI

A few days ago, there was discussion of a birds-of-a-feather session
at the MacWorld conference in Boston.  Would anyone be interested in
doing the same at AAAI in Anaheim?  This might not be much more than
talking over lunch somewhere (due to the fact that the conference
starts SUNDAY -- sorry I didn't think of this earlier), but it would
be a great opportunity to meet others working with MCL, share
experience, etc.

The problem, of course, is time.  If you are interested, send me
e-mail privately, and let me know of any days where you already have
lunch plans, so I can pick a day everyone could attend.  If there is
sufficient interest (read: if anyone responds by 4:00 pm EST on
Friday, July 12), I'll choose the time and location and post it back
to INFO-MCL by 5:00 pm EST.  Any suggestions on a good place for lunch
are also welcome.

Again, sorry for the lateness of this brainstorm.

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