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Logical directories and the 'require statement...

I have a folder called "MICE".  It is located in the same directory
as my Macintosh Allegro Common Lisp 1.3.2 application.  I have a
file called "mice-init.lisp" that contains, among other things:

; prepare the MICE search path so that we can find the mice files
(def-logical-pathname "MICE;" "ccl;MICE:")

(push (expand-logical-pathname "MICE;") *module-search-path*)

Executing the following statement works great:

(load "MICE;loadmice.lisp")

But executing the following doesn't work...
? (require 'umass-extended-lisp)
> Continuable Error: The module "UMASS-EXTENDED-LISP" was required while loading
No file could be found for that module.
> While executing: REQUIRE
> If Continued: If "UMASS-EXTENDED-LISP" still hasn't been provided,
you will be asked to choose a file.
> Type Command-/ to continue, Command-. to abort.
1 >

(The file umass-extended-lisp.lisp lives within the MICE folder.)

Clearly I am doing something wrong, and the fix is probably quite simple,
but I am having great trouble here.

  Any suggestions?

  -- Luke