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Has anyone been able to port Maxima to MCL2.0?

(I suppose the answer must be yes since at the MCL users
 meeting in Boston we where shown some test results
 of various Maxima implementations including MCL2.0!)


At the risk of sounding pedantic...

There are several verison of the MIT system originally known as
MACSYMA. Symbolics claims a trademark on the name Macsyma so many
of the otehr systems change the name to avoid trademark infringement.

The MAXIMA system I am familiar with is the one done by Bill Schelter.
His code is only available legally from the national energy software
at Argonne National Laboratory.

The only version of the system for the Mac that I am aware of is the
one from my firm, Fort Pond Research. We are duly licensed by MIT to
distribute this version. It is currently based on a Franz Lisp that I
ported to the Mac many years ago before MCL ever existed. I have an
experimental version running in MCL but have seen no real reason to
productize it. We call our version ot the MIT system ALJABR and it
costs $249.

For more information send mail to

Sorry for the long note,