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forwarded message from Jiqian Pan

------- Start of forwarded message -------
I think these comments were intended for info-mcl, not me personally,
so I am forwarding them.   --Peter Szolovits

From: jipan@gmuvax2.gmu.edu (Jiqian Pan)
To: psz@medg.lcs.mit.edu
Subject: GrafPort
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 92 13:35:45 -0500

I did a sample program to test the function copy-bits as follows:

(setq s-rect (make-record :rect :topleft #@(10 10) :bottomright #@(100
(setq d-rect (make-record :rect :topleft #@(10 10) :bottomright #@(100
(setq s-map (make-bitmap 1 1 100 100))
(setq dd-map (make-bitmap 1 1 100 100))

(setq my-addr (rref s-map :bitmap.baseaddr))

(#_setport s-map)

(#_bitset my-addr 6)(#_bitset my-addr 7)(#_bitset my-addr 8)

(#_setport dd-map)

(defclass my-window (window)())

(defmethod view-draw-contents ((self my-window))
(copy-bits s-map dd-map s-rect d-rect))

(setq foo (make-instance 'my-window))

After running the code, nothing shown me on the window foo.  Can you fix
these problems?  Thanks.