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Hi.  I just got an evaluation copy of MCL2.0b1, installed it,
found the reference to this email list, and joined.  I haven't
even gotten mail from this list yet (except a welcome-type message),
so I don't know if this is an appropriate question for here.
But anyway, we would like to run MCL with a SuperCard interface
(under system 7).  It appears that SuperCard (also fairly new
to me but not new to the human interface guys here) supports
what they call "high-level events".  

Is this the mechanism to use when doing communication between 
these two applications?  How does MCL use these events?  I
read the events section in the manual, and maybe that's what
the scrap stuff is.  Hopefully, somebody out there has done
this interfacing and can give me the scoop.  This is a big
issue here as to what software we will be using for our new
projects, so I really hope this is possible and relatively

Thanks for any insights you can give!