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Aliases and #_OpenResFile

I'm *real* unsure if any of the following qualify as bugs per se...


I have an alias in one folder (it has the same file-name as the original). 
I thought I could use "ccl;" and "home;" in both a development and a
stand-alone application and have Finder aliases track down the original.

The development and stand-alone application reside in different folders and
the one large resource file they both need is stored with the stand-alone
app.  The alias is in the development folder.

When I pass the alias to #_OpenResFile, I get a valid refnum and all, but
the resources are definitely not available.  I've tried calling
#_UseResFile, just for fun, and that had no effect.

I can make it work using the original file, so I'm relatively certain I'm
using the trap calls and such-like properly.

I can fix this myself with a little juggling of pathnames, but I thought
y'all might wanna look at it.  It could easily be a Finder error, and I got
no clue who to tell if so.


I copied a bunch of .lisp and .fasl files from one drive to another. 
back-pattern-patch.fasl hung.

I replaced it with a nonsense file.  don't have source :-(   :-(   :-(

Then, most of the remaining fasl files generated errors like:
Error:  Incorrect number of arguments to defclass.

I threw away each .fasl as it broke and then use Restarts to retry loading
the file the required the broken file.  Alas, the require mechanism then
assumed the .fasl files had already been loaded and didn't load the
(correct) .lisp files.

Now, almost for sure, in all these cases the source files had 0 or more
(require 'foo) and then a defclass form.

I solved it by throwing away all the .fasls, but it hurt.

This happened to me once before, but I just assumed I had done something
wrong when transferring the files across a network.  [Said network involves
non-Mac equipment so I trust it even less than normal.]  I doubt I could
have screwed it up in Finder, though.


Should a stand-alone application be transportable across machines?  I've
only tried 2 or 3 times, but it's always crashed/hung in such meaningless
ways that I've never been able to even guess where to start looking for
bugs, and it was easier to just re-build the image on the other machine.

This is MCL 2.0b1p3, and System 7 on a IIci and/or IIfx.
The alias problem was trying to read from a SyQuest 88 cartridge in a MASS
DataPak 88 drive.
"TANSTAAFL" Rich lynch@ils.nwu.edu