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I'm new to the MCL world.  I have a few questions:
1.) info-macl - I'm using Applelink to send messages to info-macl. I have read
that it is a bulletin board with all sorts of neat things to download (i.e.
examples, extensions and the like).  If this is true, how can I access these?
Can it be done through Applelink?  At present, I can only read messages that
are posted and sent on to the group address on Applelink.
2.)  MCL looks like a great environment.  Does Apple publish the code fot its
class library as it does for MacApp?  Perhaps I'm being dense, but I cannot
find the code that implements the classes for views and events and so on....  I
come from the MacApp/C++/Object Pascal world.  It would seem strange if Apple
did not include that code.
3.)  Are there any browsers for CLOS?
4.)  Are there any external class libraries readily available for CLOS?
Thanks and sorry if these seem like dumb questions!!!