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Re: AppleScript

>What is needed to support AppleScript is AE handlers for the core AE suite,
>support of the AE object model, and a aete resource. I don't think there is
>anything about (a)synchronous. It's just basic AE handling, that happens at
>WaitNextEvent time.
>Could you elaborate about (set-gc-event-check-enabled-p nil)? I don't see how
>turning event-handling off during GC will help.
>     Daniel.

I dimly recall reading somewhere, possibly in documentation about
the AE object model, that an application would register callbacks
to be used to access its objects. I can no longer find this reference.
If all the communication happens through AppleEvents, then there's
no problem. If some of it is done by callbacks, then, if any of the
callbacks run Lisp code (e.g. DEFPASCAL), these callbacks must not
happen while the garbage collector is running.
(set-gc-event-check-enabled-p nil) will prevent callbacks while the
GC is running.

I may have raised an alarm about a non-existent condition. As Rosanne
Rosanadanna used to say, "Never mind."