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Ugly, unformatted output from macroexpansion

Brian writes:

> I'm encountering some strange behavior when I use Ctrl-M to expand a 
> macro.  On my normal installation of MCL (2.0b1p3) I get an expansion 
> of the macro in the listener window, formatted nicely.  Recently I tried
> using a saved MCL image from another installation, and when I do Ctrl-M
> the macro expansion appears in the listener window as an unformatted block
> of text (i.e. no spaces or lines between forms).
> I've compared the environment and print options setting on both installations
> and they match (i.e., *print-pretty* is t, etc.).  Any ideas why the output
> from the macro expansion is formatted in the one case and not in the other?

I encountered the same problem when I used the Defsystem facility
developed by Mark Kantrowitz (see (member ':mk-defsystem *features*)).
The Defsystem facility redefines the function ccl:require. The new
definition (see the funciton new-require) returns nil even if a module
has been provided. However, the pretty-printer uses the result of require to
check out whether the module PPRINT is available. I changed the definition
of new-require to return t when a module has been provided already.



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