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Re: Crashed Mac


Here are a couple things to look for/try:

1) Boot off a floppy.

2) If the machine's boot sound is multi-tone, rather than the usual
single tone "bong", it indicates a hardware problem.

3) If a "sad mac" appears instead of the usual "happy mac" on the
start up screen, the hex code indicates the nature of the problem.

If booting off floppy works, try running Apple's utility Disk First Aid
which is part of the standard distribution on the affected boot volume.
Other utilities exist for repairing disk problems, but Apple's is
typically prescribed first.

The other two symptoms indicate hardware problems. Information on the
exact interpretation of start up sounds/codes is available on sumex-aim
and/or ftp.apple.com.

I hope this information is of some help. Let me know if I can be of
additional help.