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Need help on MIDI Manager programming

>Date: Tue, 21 Jul 92 08:13:16 EDT
>From: wilcox@cmns.think.com
>To: vpv@vipunen.hut.fi
>Cc: info-macl@cambridge.apple.com
>Subject: Need help on MIDI Manager programming
>I am interested in replies to this query as well. Perhaps MIDI is a topic
>of wide enough interest that responses could be posted to info-mcl.

There is a rather sophisticated MIDI composition and performance
system available in the MCL library, which will be included on the 
2.0 cd-rom and is also available at cambridge.apple.com in 

It has been used for several compositions, including an opera by 
Tod Machover, "Valis". This was incidentally based on Philip K. Dick's 
"Valis", and has been performed using MCL before live audiences in 
Boston, Paris, and Tokyo (compact disk available from Bridge Records,

Excerpted from the Hyperlisp manual:
Hyperlisp Reference Manual, Version 2.1f	February 6, 1991
Joseph Chung
MIT Media Laboratory

Hyperlisp is a real-time MIDI programming environment 
embedded in Macintosh Common Lisp. The environment 
was developed specifically for the Hyperinstruments project 
at the MIT Media Laboratory, and is optimized for interactive 
systems which require fast response times. Hyperlisp 
provides two main services for the music programmer: 
routines for MIDI processing and primitives for scheduling 
the application of functions. Programs written in Macintosh 
Common Lisp can use these services for a wide variety of 
real-time MIDI applications.

System Requirements
 	Apple Macintosh family computer with at least 4MB of 
RAM. System 6.0.5 or 7.0.

 	Macintosh Common Lisp version 2.0, available from 
Apple Computer (APDA).

  	Standard MIDI interface (Apple, Opcode, etc.) and 
Apple MIDI Manager version 2.0, or Mark of the 
Unicorn MIDI Time Piece.