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Re: window-hardcopy for fred dialog items

>On page 493 in the manual for MCL 2.0 final, it says that window-hardcopy
>works for Fred windows or Fred dialog items.  However, when I create a
>window with a scrolling-fred-dialog-item (which I assign to a variable x)
>and then call
>  (window-hardcopy x)
>I get an error message:  "No applicable method for args:
>(#<ccl::scrolling-fred-dialog-item #x51E179>) to
>#<standard-generic-function window-hardcopy #x47A396>."
>Am I doing something wrong?

As Alice said, window-hardcopy works only for fred-windows.

I have made a patch that makes it work for fred-dialog-items as well.
Ask and I'll send it to you. This patch will probably be part of patch
2 for MCL 2.0 (patch 1 is being beta tested as we speak, er, write).