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SUBJECT:  PTable and Accelerator Boards

I am running MCL 2.0 on a Mac II with a Dove Marathon 68030
using MODE32 with 20MB RAM.

When in 32 bit mode ptable causes system crashes, viz.:

"Sorry a system error occurred.
    unimplemented trap.

 To temporarily turn off extensions..."

Also in 32 bit mode (EGC-MMU-SUPPORT-AVAILABLE-P) ==> NIL.
(but returns T in 24 bit mode).

[Also if I'm running happily with no problems in 32 bit mode
 (without ptable) and put ptable in the system folder and then
try to restart, the screen freezes and i have to restart manually.
(which then gives the above system crash and message).]

Please reply by email, I am not a subcriber to info-mcl.