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MCL and Handles/Ptrs

I've been through the MCL documentation, but it is a little less than clear
when it comes to interfacing with the Mac toolbox directly.  Here is my
best illustrated by a concrete example:

I want to walk through a list of handles (in this case the GDevice List).  It
case I want to check if the handle is nil (i.e. I've reached the end of my
I am using the "rlet" macro to create a temporary gdHandle as follows

(rlet ((gdh :gdHandle %null-ptr))
   (setf gdh (#_GetDeviceList))
   (print gdh)
       (when (eql gdh %null-ptr)
       (format t "~&~A, ~A" (href gdh gdevice.gdrect.bottom)
                            (href gdh gdevice.gdrect.right))
       (setf gdh (#_GetNextDevice gdh))))
The listener really doesn't like it when I use setf to set the handle
directly, but
using rset also seems to cause lots of nasty problems (since I want to set the
directly, and not one of it's dereferenced fields).  I get error messages such

;   Shouldn't assign to variable GDH (2 references), in an anonymous lambda fo

The above bit of code crashes MCL.  How can I manipulate pointers and handles 
directly without resorting to C, Pascal, or Asm code?

How can I get around this?