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Re: MOP in MCL 2.0

>I understand that the MOP as defined in AMOP isn't complete in MCL
>2.0. How much MOP is there? Are there plans to implement the full MOP
>in the near future?

MCL 2.0 includes only a small number of introspective MOP functions.
They are documented in the new reference (shipping with MCL 2.0 final
and updates) and in the file:


on the anonymous FTP server at cambridge.apple.com.

We are not currectly planning to do a complete MOP in the near
future. There are only so many of us here to work on MCL and
since people have not been beating down our door asking for the
MOP (though the people who DO ask for it tend to shout), its
place in our priority list makes it unlikely to happen very soon.

I probably WILL do SLOT-VALUE-USING-CLASS in the near future.
I already have a cheap implementation that slows down all SLOT-VALUE
calls and isn't called by DEFCLASS generated accessor functions. Ask and
I'll send it (or post it if demand is great).