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fred indentation

Can you cutomize the indentation of lisp forms in fred? I've found 
*fred-special-indent-alist*, but that seems to specify the number of
forms that are special in a form. I don't want to change that, I want
to change the indentation of those "special" forms.

BTW, thanks to all for advice on what make to buy to run MCL. I bought
a Mac IIsi 5/80. I'm saving my pennies for more memory, but in the
meantime MCL runs very nicely on it.

I'm very impressed by MCL so far. I think it compares favorably with
Allegro Common Lisp and Lucid on much faster Unix machines. It's like
having a home Lisp machine!

Tim Moore                    moore@cs.utah.edu {bellcore,hplabs}!utah-cs!moore
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