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Modifiers in menu command keys

Am I missing something obvious, or are menu command keys in MCL
really limited to just standard unmodified characters? e.g. you
can't offer 'Option-P' or 'Option-Shift-D' as arguments to the
':command-key' keyword when initialising menu items (or at least,
you can, but you get an ugly mess on the menu, and it doesn't
respond properly). Does anyone have a fix for this?

It would be nice - hint, hint - in any future release of MCL to
be able to specify command keys including modifiers, and have
the modifiers show up in the menu as they do in other Mac
applications. I have a largish application which could usefully
use some command key equivalents but, particularly since MCL 2.0
final came out, I'm short of useable keys. Those that are available
tend to be highly non-mnemonic (while you're at it, could you patch
the Roman alphabet so that it contains more than twenty-six distinct
letters? Thank you) and the option to include modifiers would bail
me out quite nicely.