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Hello MCL LISPers!

This may be a FAQ but I would be grateful for any suggestions about the 
following problem. I would like to have multi-line edit text dialog items 
with word-wrapping. Currently, the editable-text-dialog-items just scroll 
horizontally without wrapping.

I have tried to use the Text-Edit-Dialog-Item.LISP file that came with 
MCL 2.0. But there are there problems.

One problem is the:
    (export '(text-edit-dialog-item) :ccl) which conflicts with a 
previous ocurrance of that name.

Another problem is the use of a window record. Since there is only one 
	     (if (rref wptr window.hilighted) 
          (_TEAcitvate :ptr hTE))
I changed this to:
     (if (window-activate-p w) (_TEActivate :ptr hTE))

But the third problem may be the most serious. The text-edit-dialog-item 
class is declared as:
(defclass text-edit-dialog-item

But "basic-editable-text-dialog-item" is unknown to MCL 2.0. And when I 
change this to "editable-text-dialog-item", then it behaves as always - 
no wrapping.

Any help with this would be appreciated. I will save any responses I get 
in case someone else would like to do the same thing.
Thanks, Dan Lamet