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Re: How much RAM in powerbook to run MCL 2.0?

>How much RAM do people recommend putting into a PowerBook which will
>be used to run MCL? I want responses that are a bit more informative
>than "as much as possible". For example, responses like
>    -  I had 4mb, but it really wasn't enough. MCL thrashed to death.
>    -  6mb was comfortable, but for large programs tended to GC a lot.
>    -  I use 10mb and have never had any problems.
>will be useful.
>Also, are there any special considerations I should take into account
>when selecting a PowerBook?

I have used MCL on a 4 meg PowerBook 100. Doing so required that I remove
most of my inits (I did manage to make MacsBug fit, but TMON was hopeless),
and I needed to be careful not to open too many files at a time (Fred's
buffers are stored entirely in RAM). My machine paused to GC fairly often,
but I was able to do useful work, somewhat painfully.

I have also used MCL on an 8 meg PowerBook 100. This environment was
very comfortable.

I believe that a 6 meg PowerBook would provide enough free space to
do reasonable MCL programming with little pain, but I've never tried it
so I can't say for sure.