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last version of geta-browser

I just uploaded the last version (1.2) of the geta-browser in
cambridge.apple.com in directory /pub/mcl2/contrib.

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Geta-browser 1.2 is a wonderfull class browser for CLOS. It allows you to
visualize and browse through CLOS classes.

The classes are displayed as a tree. You can directly see if a class has
multiple superclasses. You can also see the class slots, the class methods
and all instances (well, only the instances associated to a symbol). It is
also possible to collapse classes to save space in your graph.

And now (it is one of the new feature), you can print the graph (it is very
usefull if you don't like your wall paper ;-). Warning: The graph can be
very large (so please, don't forget to save a tree).

It has been adapted to the marvelous Cartier's defunit, if you don't use
it, take a look at it (Cartier's-contrib available at cambridge.apple.com),
it is really usefull.
Anymay, a bootstrapper is provided if you don't want to use Cartier's contribs.

Have fun !!!

author of adv: Gilles Serasset

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This version replaces the geta-browser 1.1.

Major changes :

 * You can print your graph, now.

 * you can display the instances of a class (associated to a symbol)
 * For loading, you need the cartier's contrib defunit (big thanx Guillaume)
   However, I have left the previous loading files (in case of ...)


Mathieu Lafourcade

Lafourcade Mathieu
GETA (Groupe d'Etude pour la Traduction Automatique)