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[jh%sger.uucp@BBN.COM: Prototype CLIM Builder]

Since CLIM 1.1 works on MCL 2.0 final, I'm forwarding this to the
info-mcl list for your information.


    Message-Id: <9211061325.AA05649@sger.SGER.COM>
    Date: 6 Nov 92 14:23:12 U
    From: Jens Herder <jh%sger.uucp@BBN.COM>
    Subject: Prototype CLIM Builder
    To: mcsun!unido!sger!Rainer_Anscheit.BRIEFKASTEN, mcsun!unido!sger!hpb

    Announcement of the article:

			   A Prototype Interface Builder 
		     for the Common Lisp Interface Manager 
				    C L I B

		    Jan Hesse, Rainer Koenig and Filippo Logi
		  Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI), Technical
			   Expertsystems and Robotics

				  Jens Herder
			   Symbolics Systemhaus GmbH


    The Common Lisp Interface Manager (CLIM) is used to develop graphical
    user interfaces for Lisp-based applications. With the prototype of the
    CLIM Interface Builder (CLIB) the programmer can generate code for CLIM
    interactively. The developing process will be fast and less prone to errors.
    With this new tool, the interactive rapid prototyping reduces costs of a
    specification phase. Here we present the concept and first results of the
    prototype of CLIB.


    CLIM, Graphical User Interface, Interface Builder, Lisp, Rapid Prototyping

    A prototype of a CLIM-Interface-Builder is being developed within a joint
    effort of Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI) and Symbolics Systemhaus GmbH.

    You can get the article in Postcript format via anonymous FTP from gate.fzi.de
    (, pathname pub/CLIB/CLIB-paper.ps.Z) or in printed form
    (FZI Bericht Nr.6) from the authors. We are pleased to receive comments
    and any response.

    Rainer Koenig

    Forschungszentrum Informatik (FZI),        Tel:    +49 (721) 9654-313
    Technical Expertsystems                    Fax:    +49 (721) 9654-309
    and Robotics                            e-mail:    rkeonig@fzi.de
    Haid-& Neustr. 10-14
    D-7500 Karlsruhe 1

    Jens Herder

    Software Development
    Symbolics Systemhaus GmbH                 Tel:    +49 (61 96) 47 22-100
    Mergenthaler Allee 77-81                  Fax:    +49 (61 96) 48 11 16
    D-6236 Eschborn/Ts.                    e-mail:    JH@SGER.UUCP
    Germany                                       (or JH%SGER.UUCP@GERMANY.EU.NET)

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