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The Radius Rocket MCL Incantation?

   There has been some discussion lately about running MCL on the Radius
   Rocket.  Well, I just got one and everything runs but MCL.

   Could someone who has it working send me the magic incantation that I
   need?  Do I need a particular combination of System 7 and the TuneUp?
   Do I need some strange patch?  Do I have to make sure that my Mac
   faces the rising sun?

   Thanks a lot.

   Jim Firby
   University of Chicago

On a related note I'm trying out the Radius  RocketShare software which allows
one to have independent processes running on the motherboard as well as on the
radius rocket co-processing board (i.e., two systems).
It should be fairly cool if I can get it running. 

However, when I launch the MACL application MCL2.0p1 I get an immediate message

Sorry, a system error occurred. "MCL 2.0p1" Unimplemented trap

continue or restart

Upon continuing I get the following message

The application "unknown" has unexepctedly quit, because an error of type 12
occurred.  OK

I've tried this on a number of motherboards however it seems to be isolated to
the interaction between mcl and the rocket+rocketshare.
The Radius people seem to think that it is not a problem with their hardware or
software.  Any clues?