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Re: The Radius Rocket MCL Incantation?

firby@avarice.uchicago.edu (Jim Firby) writes:

>There has been some discussion lately about running MCL on the Radius
>Rocket.  Well, I just got one and everything runs but MCL.

>Could someone who has it working send me the magic incantation that I
>need?  Do I need a particular combination of System 7 and the TuneUp?
>Do I need some strange patch?  Do I have to make sure that my Mac
>faces the rising sun?

It works for me.  I'm using System 7.0.1, Tuneup 1.1.1, Mac IIci with
20 MB, Rocket with 32 MB.  The ptable init crashes, so I don't use it.
RocketWare 1.3 (not 1.3.2) for the Rocket.  I don't use 1.3.2 because
1.3 seems more stable to me.

If you'd like to compare notes further, please send mail.

Good luck,


Stephen C. Gilardi
SQ Software