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Macro problem

In another message I asked:

  Does anyone know if COMPILER-LET will stay
  in the new ANSI Common Lisp standard?

Tim Moore replied:

  It is not included in the standard.

So, here's why I sent the question in the first place!

Without COMPILER-LET, how can a macro cooperate with another one
that is destined to be embeded into it maybe deeply (without having
to write a complete common lisp code walker!!!) ?

Here is how I do it using COMPILER-LET:

(defvar *current-macro-foo*

(defmacro MACRO-FOO (name &body body)
  `(compiler-let ((*current-macro-foo* ',name))

(defmacro MACRO-BAR (&body)
  expand according to *current-macro-foo*

(defun toto ()
  (MACRO-FOO 'hello
    (MACRO-BAR ...)          --> called inside 'hello
    (MACRO-FOO 'hi-there
      (MACRO-BAR ...))))     --> called inside 'hi-there

Any positive answer will greatly warm my confidence
to the new ANSI standard! :-)

Many thanks to any answer.

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