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Re: setting text color in individual cells of sequence-dialog-item

At 18:04 11/29/92 -0500, Alma Whitten wrote:
>I need a way to set the color of the text displayed for individual 
>cells in a sequence-dialog-item (so that text in different cells may 
>be in different colors).  Any suggestions?

set-part-color for table-dialog-item interprets an integer passed as
the part arg to mean that the color is for the cell at that point.

(let ((d (make-instance 'sequence-dialog-item
           :table-sequence '(blue red green orange))))
  (set-part-color d #@(0 0) *blue-color*)
  (set-part-color d #@(0 1) *red-color*)
  (set-part-color d #@(0 2) *green-color*)
  (set-part-color d #@(0 3) *orange-color*)
  (make-instance 'window
    :color-p t
    :view-size #@(100 100)
    :view-subviews (list d)))