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  From: ralex@tigger.cs.colorado.edu (Repenning Alexander)
  The ABSTRACTS file in cambridge.apple.com: pub/mcl2/contrib is still
  very small. Only few authors have added their abstract to the file.
  However, searching goodies by downloading all the promising files
  (judged by their name) is a painstaking procedure.

That's why I created the README file.  Perhaps it is not a good name,
but it contains a list of all the files and a one line description of
each.  I periodically add the missing names, and others have been also.
I won't be doing it as much in the future, however.

The README file could be used to generate stubs for the ABSTRACTS file,
and having the stubs seems to encourage people to fill them in.
Someone (or someones) have to maintain it; how about you?

While I am at it, this self organized contrib directory is fine for
now, but eventually it will get out of hand.  Some subdirectory
structuring needs to be decided on and adhered to.  How about start
with what's on the CDROM?  Someone with actual shell access to the
cambridge machine needs to move things around occasionally.

Dan LaLiberte
(Join the League for Programming Freedom: lpf@uunet.uu.net)