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MCL's source code (was timer functions)

| Greetings!
|   The time function is nifty:  (time (stuff to be timed)), but it sends its
| info to *standard-output*.  Is there a way to get the output in machine
| useable form?  Or, are there functions out there that give the same sort of
| nifty info (time in secs, GC and multitasking times that can be subtracted
| off, memory allocated)?  I know about decoding get-internal-real-time, but
| the the time function is very useful as is and it has all the info in one
| place.

Use MCL's source code! It can be *very* useful.

By looking at the source of TIME you will immediatly see
that the functions you are looking for are:


Personaly, I installed MCL's source on my hard disk. It takes
only 1.8 MEG. If you want the MCL source folder to be located
somewhere else than in "ccl:" you can use logical pathnames.
(yes those dreaded logical pathnames that can be so wonderful
yet seem to be so hard to understand :-)

As an example, I use the following to put the MCL source folder
inside the "ccl:library;" folder.

(setf (logical-pathname-translations "ccl")
      (nconc '(("ccl:source;**;*.*"   "ccl:library;MCL source code;**;*.*")
               ("ccl:l1;**;*.*"       "ccl:source;level-1;**;*.*")
               ("ccl:lib;**;*.*"      "ccl:source;lib;**;*.*")
               ("ccl:compiler;**;*.*" "ccl:source;compiler;**;*.*"))
             (logical-pathname-translations "ccl")))


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