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Databases for MCL 2.0

  We have a working MCL 2.0 high level interface into Sybase on Unix 
platforms,  created to use MCL 2.0 as a front-end client to Sybase servers.  
It has been in successful production use for over a year now.

We are planning on turning this into a product shortly.  If you're 
interested,  please give me a call.

Lawrence Au
DARPA (subcontractor)
(703) 527-5527 (work)
(703) 276-2825 (home)

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Date: 12-17-92  11:31am EST
From: {72110.1107@compuserve.com}:ddn:darpa
  To: lisp:mis:darpa
Subj: Databases for MCL 2.0
I am looking for a commercially available database product for which MCL 2.0 
has a direct interface. Does anyone know if MCL 2.0 works with off-the-shelf 
object-oriented or relational database products (stand-alone or Unix server)?

        Servio - Gemstone
        Object Design
        Object Store


Can Blackboard Technology Group's GBB be using with MCL as a database?

Bruce Lester