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Pearl Lisp -- PD or Not?

Thanks to a lot of help from John Doner, we've found a copy of Pearl
CL and instructions on how to modify it with ResEdit to work under
System 7. 

Unfortunately, various people we've talked to at Apple claim that
Pearl was never released into the public domain. If so, we cannot make
our copy available. On the other hand, everybody else we've talked to
seems to think that Pearl was placed in the public domain when Apple
bought Coral. 

I'd like to get to the bottom of this issue, if for no other reason
than to include a definitive entry in the Lisp FAQ. So, if you've got
an "official" letter or announcement from Apple which sheds light on
the status of Pearl, please send me a copy:
	Email: 		mkant@cs.cmu.edu
	US Mail:	Mark Kantrowitz
			School of Computer Science
			Carnegie Mellon University
			5000 Forbes Avenue
			Pittsburgh, PA 15213-3891