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MCL 2.0 Patch 2 Pre-release

Hello MCL 2.0 users--

We have put together a second patch for Macintosh Common Lisp 2.0. This
patch fixes a number of mostly minor bugs.  Here are descriptions of a few
of them, from the documentation file:

        ; Fixed some problems printing on Imagewriter printers.

        ; LABELS wasn't consistent about "parallel" binding order in some cases.

        ; EQUALP hash tables no longer error with CLOS instances as keys.

        ; Fixed a kernel bug that pushed the wrong stuff on the stack
        ; when a function had required, optional, rest, & keyword args
        ; and a value was not specified for all of the optionals.

        ; (fround 3) no longer signals an error.

Instead of sending this off to a small number of beta testers, we're making
this patch generally available for testing. It has passed our internal test
suites, and many of the constituent fixes have been in use for some time,
so this pre-release feels reasonably safe. Still, it *is* a pre-release
(version 0.6) -- you should not install this patch unless you can live with
the possibility that it contains bugs.

If you would like to participate in this testing, simply download (via
anonymous ftp) these files from cambridge.apple.com:


These files are in BinHex format. The latter (".doc") file contains
instructions for installing the patch and also brief descriptions of the
problems it addresses. You must install patch 1 before you install patch 2.
Patch 1 is available as:


After you've downloaded the patch, please send email to me
(mark@cambridge.apple.com), containing:

        your name and email address 
                (so I can inform you in case of a problem with the patch);
        a description of your Macintosh 
                (so I know how broad our test coverage is).

If all goes well, I'll send mail in a couple of weeks officially releasing
Patch 2. At that point you can download the official copy, or update the
patch's version resource using ResEdit.

Thanks for your help. Happy New Year!

Mark Preece
Apple ATG East.