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Re: Correct to ignore params to :around methods?

> I use :around methods to bind special variables and then
> call call-next-method with no parameters.
> This works, but causes compiler warnings for each non-
> specialized parameter.
> I can get rid of the warnings by declaring to ignore 
> the parameters, but I feel uncomfortable doing that since 
> the parameters are in fact "used" by the method called 
> by call-next-method. Ignoring them works, but would it 
> work if my declaration were trusted?
> What is the correct way to handle this? 
> Thanks for any assistance.

Declaring the variables "ignore" is correct, since you really aren't using 
those parameters.  You are instead "using" a conceptual hidden parameter 
containing all of the values received by the method.  This is one of those 
cases where the distinction between argument values and parameter variables is 
important and should not be conflated.