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Re: Mother ship App. A recent comment about distributing FASL files got me thinking.

You can already do that. Making a single .fasl out of a MCL application is
just a matter of using the fasl-concatenate function that is in a file some-
where on the MCL CD. If you want to load a single appl, name the file init.fasl.
If you want to be able to load several, it is easy to use init.fasl to load
the files in a Inits folder. My init file does that, and I think it is on the

There is another solution we could borrow from Frontier: applets. An applet
would be a small application, with a .fasl file in its data fork. The appli-
cation code itself has to be written in C or Pascal or whatever, but it needs
to be written once, and then copied with ResEdit to all applets. All this
mini-application does is launch MCL if necessary, and then ask it with an 
AppleEvent to load the .fasl that is in its data fork. This way, MCL itself is
a shared library. Though if you want to be able to run several applets, some
protocol for sharing MCL resources and cleaning when done will be needed.