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Running old (1.3.2) MCL on a Quadra

Our group wants to demo an old program next week and the demo site only
has Quadras for us to use.  Unfortunately, we don't primarily have Quadras
and this old program is no longer under development or support (the author
graduated and no one else knows the code).  The program requires MCL
version 1.3.2 which seems to exit immediately when I start it on a Quadra.

Is there any possible (simple?) way to make this old version of MCL
run on the Quadra.  I have turned off VM and 32 bit addressing, but
I do not know how to disable the 68040 instruction cache so I have
not tried that. How do you, and will this help?

If anyone can tell me how to make V1.3.2 work on a Quadra then great,
or if someone can make a definitive statement that it is impossible that
will also be useful (worse for the group, but less work for me! :-))

Thanks in advance for any help.

Chris Eliot