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MacTCP pb with Quadra builtin Ethernet

We have a problem here using MacTCP.lisp from inside the menu event handler.
The problem occurs iff:

1)  Mac is a Quadra 700, 900 or 950, and
2)  it uses the Built-in Ethernet, and
3)  virtual memory is off.

If the Quadra is using an Ethernet Card in a NUbus slot then the problem never occurs
(virtual memory has no effect). We are running on System 7.0.1 with
MacTCP 1.1 and Ethertalk Phase2 2.3. The Quadra is caught in an endless loop when
we try to call the function SHOW-LOCAL-HOST-NAME from the menu-item-action-function,
while it's working fine when we call it from the Listener.
SHOW-LOCAL-Heue '(show-local-host-name))))
         (make-instance 'menu-item