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Re: menu items with fonts

"Dave Wroblewski" <davew@atqm.advtech.uswest.com> writes on
Thu Feb 25 18:14:22 1993 that the system does not allow him
to draw the menu items using the font associated with the menu
when the mouse button is down. In fact, none of the style 
attributes appear to work (e.g. :italic :bold etc.).

The problem is that the pop-up menu display uses the toolbox trap
#_PopUpMenuSelect which appears to ignore the font attributes of the
view.  The proper font is displayed when the mouse button is not
down within the popup area. The menu items appear in Chicago 12 point
plain when items are being selected from the menu.

Perhaps this problem is an attempt to enforce a menu standard 
for popup menus.

It appears that you need to define your own menu-select method
to avoid this problem, duplicating the system defined trap.