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sequence-dialog-items that scroll properly

I posted a note a month or two ago about my sequence-dialog-item which
has long entries that cannot be displayed completely at once in its
container view.  No problem, that's the point of the horizontal
scrollbar that seems to be sensitive to the length of the element
(i.e. with a string about twice as long as the displayable horizontal
area, it positions the thumb half way).  The problem is that when I
move the thumb manually or by pressing the arrows, the listbox does
not display the rest of the string, rather the thumb jumps to the
rightmost position in the scrollbar and nothing is displayed.

I've looked over the documentation carefully, but have not seen how to
control the step size for sequence dialog items, and I can't figure
out how to display the remaining portion of the element!

Does anyone please have any suggestions?  I can't believe this is
something no one ran into yet!  I got no responses to my posting