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Mac II FX memory

I am having a problem with new memory installed on a Macintosh II FX.
I had been using MCL 2.0 with CLIM 1.1 following instructions in
mark@cambridge.apple.com Wed Jul  7 14:35:05 1993
installing files from /pub/MCL2/patches/.
30 MB were allocated to lisp, 32 MB total on the FX.
Everything works fine.
I installed 64 MB for  total of 80 MB of RAM & allocated 64 MB to lisp.
The company I purchased the memory from wants to know if there are
any problems associated with allocation of 64 MB of RAM to MCL 2.0/CLIM 1.1.
I get errors of type 1,2,3, 97, bus errors on restart, and an address error
at one point.
So far only lisp has crashed, but no other application I have uses as much
Thanks, Sheldon