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Re: More speech manager stuff

At  3:27 PM 8/23/93 -0700, seth@aic.hrl.hac.com wrote:
>I've got a good start on some wrapper routines for interfacing to the
>speech manager but I'm a bit stuck with channels and SpeakText, the
>latter returns -32767 when I try to say anything. Here's the code:

I don't have the speech manager installed on my home Macintosh, so
I won't be able to try your code until I'm in the office tomorrow,
but I believe that the problem is in your NewSpeechChannel function.
Try the following version and tell me how it works (note that I removed
the optional arg as I don't think it makes sense):

(defun NewSpeechChannel (voice)
  (rlet ((chan-ptr :pointer))
    (TrapError? (#_newspeechchannel voice chan-ptr))
    (%get-ptr chan-ptr)))