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defun syntax / AutoLisp emu

REGARDING                defun syntax / AutoLisp emulator 
dear lispers;
In an effort to create an MCL-based environment for programming graphics (not
graphical programming yet),  we're building an 'AutoLisp' emulator. (AutoLisp
is the lisp subset/variant built into AutoCad, from AutoDesk,  a popular CAD
system now fully fledged on macs)
A major annoyance/stumbling block is AutoLisp's idiosyncratic syntax for local
variable names;  instead of using 'let or '&aux in the lambda list,  they use
the syntax:
(defun  foo  (a b c / x y z) ...)
where the  /  is synonymous with &aux,  declaring x y z to be local vars.

Is there any hope of hacking defun so this would become acceptable to MCL? (In
the hopes of making complete transparency / portability between MCL and
AutoLisp code... It's hard enough to teach the semantics of scoping,  without
having syntax to screw it up! )

Any suggestions would be appreciated.    Thanks in advance,

Stephen M Ervin