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Mark Kantrowitz's LOGICAL-PATHNAMES?


I was wondering whether anyone had gotten MK's LOGICAL-PATHNAMES working in
MCL 2.0p2?

You're probably thinking `Eh?  MCL already supports logical pathnames!'  That
is true.  Unfortunately, the newly-GNUified SNePS code uses a good many
functions that are defined in the LP package that have no obvious analogues
in MCL's logical-pathname system.

A provocative comment near the beginning of LOGICAL-PATHNAMES.LISP asserts
that many Lisps will be able to replace occurrances of physical-pathname with
pathname and remove some definitions.  My experience with attempting to port
the code bears this out; I had to rename the logical-pathname defstruct
because MCL wouldn't allow me to redefine a built-in type.  Once I did, and
let LOGICAL-PATHNAMES redefine a number of kernel definitions, I started
running into problems and, once I aborted, I couldn't even Command-O to open
a file, since I got an error that the parameter wasn't of the expected type,
where one of the types was LP's physical-pathname as opposed to MCL's
pathname.  I think I need to start exploring how to do the replacements of
physical-pathname with just pathname, and which definitions to remove...

If someone else has already done this, though, I'd love to hear about it!

Paul Snively