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MCL 2.0 -> MCL 2.0.1 (correction)

This message tells how to patch an MCL 2.0 into an MCL 2.0.1. I sent
out a message earlier today outlining the procedure, but I forgot
one patch file and forgot to describe how to update the version strings.

The anonymous FTP server at cambridge.apple.com now contains everything
you need to turn an MCL 2.0 into an MCL 2.0.1. The patches are in the
"/pub/mcl2/patches/" directory. This message is available as the
file "README" in that directory.

If you don't yet have any of these files, you might prefer to download
"MCL-2.0.1-patches.sea.hqx" unBinHex, double click to expand the archive,
then follow the directions in the resulting "MCL 2.0.1 Patches" folder. This
message describes the procedure if you download the files individually.

There are four patch files to be loaded into MCL 2.0:


First, convert all four files from BinHex format with BinHex 4.0, Compact
Pro, Stuffit, or another application that knows how.

Load "mcl 2.0p1.fasl" & "mcl 2.0p2.fasl" by putting them into the
"ccl:patches 2.0;" folder and executing (ccl::load-patches) in the
MCL 2.0 listener. Load the other two files with load, e.g.
(load "...:cyclone-cursor-patch") & (load "...:faster-make-instance-patch").
More detailed information about the first two files can be found in
the files:


Note that files compiled with "faster-make-instance-patch" loaded will
generate an error if loaded into an MCL 2.0 that does not contain the

After loading the four patches into MCL 2.0, execute the following form:

  (save-application "MCL 2.0.1" :init-file "Init")

Now get into ResEdit and patch two resources of the "MCL 2.0.1"
application using the files "MMU3" and "FPU-" contained. in the
following subdirectories of "/pub/mcl2/patches/" (after BinHex


There are more complete instructions contained with the ResEdit files.

While you're still in ResEdit, open the "vers" resource. There are two
resources, with ID's of 1 & 2. Open each of them and change all
instances of "2.0.0" to 2.0.1", "2.0" to "2.0.1", and "2.0p2" to
"2.0.1". Now save your changes and quit from ResEdit and you've got an
MCL 2.0.1 application.

The files "Examples-2.01.sea.hqx", "IFT-2.01.sea.hqx", &
"Library-2.01.sea.hqx" contain binhexed self extracting archives of
sources files that have changed in the "examples", "Interface Tools",
and "library" folders. UnBinHex them, double click on each of the
resulting applications, and select a location to save the "Examples
2.01", "IFT-2.01", and "Library-2.01" folders. Drag the contents of
each of these folders to the corresponding sub-folder of your "CCL:"
folder and click "Yes" when the Finder asks whether you want to
replace files with the same names. Actually, it's a little more
complicated than that. The "Examples-2.01" & "Library-2.01" folders
contain sub-folders. You need to copy each of the files to its
corresponding folder or sub-folder. E.g. don't replace your
"ccl:library;Interfaces:" folder with the "Interfaces sub-folder of
the "Library-2.01" folder or you'll lose most of the interface

The file "ptable-2.01.hqx" contains a new ptable init.

The files in the "AUX-on-quadra" and "MMU4-for-IIci" directories are NOT part
of MCL 2.0.1. "AUX-on-quadra" contains an init that will make MCL work under
AU/X on a 68040 Mac. "MMU4-for-IIci" makes MCL work correctly on a IIci with
a 68040 accelerator.